Acid Kuba Kuba by Drew Estate

It isn't for everyone, but it's for A LOT of people.

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Ecuadorian Sumatra
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 54)
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Cory - Nicely constructed. Very light weight. Not a lot of density.

Chris - Smells like industrial carpet cleaner. Slight gritty texture with a furry touch. Overall well constructed.


Cory - Absolute easy draw coupled with a ton of smoke on puff. Nice even burn. One outage and relight.

Chris - 2-3 puffer. Mild smoke productions. White ash. Pretty consistent burn line.

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Decent smoke to try

Cory - I have contemplated on how to start this review for hours and I came to the conclusion that to do this justice I needed express my personal opinions then also defend the opinions of those who cherish these cigars. simply stated, The Acid Kuba Kuba is not for me. It literally makes my stomach turn from the overwhelming sweetness and aromatics. Its so pungent that i cant even tell if it is masking what would otherwise be good tobacco on its own. I imagine if you were able to suck off Toucan Sam, it would be a similar experience in your mouth. Now let me defend the Kuba Kuba. I can 100% see why people love this cigar. It's the same reason people who love Miller Lite, or any other inception beer, and in a similar fashion, either progress to more of a craft offering, or continue down the same path. Although I would always suggest trying more premium cigars, I am really quite happy with people who are smoking something they enjoy. It's good for the industry no matter what. I also find myself (very often) recommending the Acid line and other infused cigars to new smokers. It's all about creating a balanced experience and one that creates familiarity. By familiarity I mean the fruity sweet flavors that a smoker already understands and has acclimated to their whole lives. These cigars (Acid Kuba Kuba specifically) are the gateway too much better premium product and if you think about it, the creation of infused cigars is brilliant. These cigars serve their purpose and they serve it very well. They will either 1. Get you to buy more Acid's or 2. Explore and get interested in all of the other countless cigars on the market. Either way they are good for the industry and I respect the hell out of that.

Chris - If you're on acid, like 1 cream with 4 sugars in your coffee, or enjoy shoving your nose down into your carpet to sniff your carpet freshener before vacuuming, you'll love this. If not?'s so-so. Overly sweet with dulled natural tobacco flavors. There is no doubt this cigar has some accolades: great construction, is worth the price, and deserves a spot in the cigar community. BUT for the initiated, it's best to move on unless you're feeling experimental.



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