Yamasa by Davidoff

Domo arigato Mr. Yamasa

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The Breakdown
Dominican Yamasá
San Vicente from Yamasá
Nicaraguan Condega, Estelí Dominican Piloto & Mejorado
Vitola (Size)
Toro (6 x 52)
Price (USD)

20 years in the making, shitty soil composition, and an argued undesirable piece of land to grow tobacco on, Davidoff Master Blender Henke Kelner ignored the warnings, as he saw the long term potential to grow some amazing tobacco in the Yamasa region of the Dominican. Boy do we owe a bow to his persistence. Let’s get in to it. 

Construction - Like most Davidoff cigars there is shared commonality of construction excellence. This cigar minus one lazy cap placement on one sample (getting nit picky) was as wonderful as you would expect. There is a nice sheen that comes off the wrapper which accentuates the wonderful deep brown color it gives off. How about the branding of the bands? I love the traditional Davidoff logo blanketed with black, and a sub label with the sample name of the cigar in red. This is also consistent with the look of both the Nicaragua and Escurio.

Burn - The burn overall on these samples was above board mostly due to the incredible draw and evenness of the burn. One sample did abruptly go out in the last inch which caused a relight, but wasn't overly detrimental to the impact of flavor balance at that particular point. 

Flavor - Like most Davidoffs, you can smell the aromas from miles out like a shark would blood in the water. They are distinctive and incredibly enjoyable. It is also worth saying, if you aren't in the habit of cold drawing a cigar (pre-light draw), do yourself a favor and make an attempt on this cigar. It’s a great preview of what is to come. The cigars expels almost zero pepper or traditional spicy flavors and immediately goes into a very sweet, creamy, savory flavor which we both quite enjoyed on the onset. There is also a sour component that not only surprises the palate but really jump starts the rest of the flavors as to accentuate the already greatness that is there. The cigar begins to transition to a predominant earthiness with the rest of the flavors that were more impactful at the beginning, becoming more of a supporting cast in the final two thirds of the cigar. One disappointment is in the final 20%, the once rich and vibrant flavors, become dull and paralyzed, like a marathon runner gassing out in the last few miles. All things considered though,  this cigar is not only unique, but is definitionally outstanding. 



This cigar comes at a premium as do all Davidoff cigars. $23.00 is pretty much guaranteed what you will pay for a single stick. It’s a great cigar no doubt that we feel can be enjoyed by anyone, but because of the price point alone we suggest reserving this for special occasions or at a time where you can really sit back and concentrate on the greatness that this cigar offers. 

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Cigarheadz - "Pretty good"

Ddamico - "Boner patrol"

Tonydoescigarsandbourbon - "YUM - ASA - HUEHUEHUEHUE"

Vcuteverything - "Aint that the japanese guy?"

Turbojones25 - "The best Davidoff in my opinion"

Northwestcigars - "Not as good as the Nicaragua"


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