Winston Churchill "The Late hour" by Davidoff Cigars

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Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro
Mexican San Andrés
Dominican & Nicaraguan
Vitola (Size)
Churchill (7 x 48)
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The Davidoff Winston Churchill line is unique in that not only does it have its own iconic logo, but this particular “The late Hour” cigar uses filler tobacco that has been aged six months in a scotch barrel. Production quality of this cigar (like all Davidoff’s) is “standard setting”. The rich dark wrapper is very remarkable visually. Where we weren't pleased however, was with the burn, and on both samples smoked. Each cigar had some minimal run issues, and one sample with multiple pitting issues which called for multiple relight attempts. One in a Churchill vitola is expected, but three is a bit inflated and uncharacteristic.

On the cold draw and immediate retro-hale, this smoke was simply delightful. Like most Davidoff cigars, the floral aromatics are sensible and satisfying, however the rest of the flavors through the remainder of the cigar didn’t show off Davidoff’s best effort in our opinion, although it was still enjoyable. It reminded us of a car that shuts off half of its cylinders at highway speeds. We know the rest of it is there, but it just didn’t show off its full power and potential.

You will foot an Andrew Jackson for one of these bad boys which isn’t out of bounds for a Davidoff, but all things considered the price on this cigar is a bit excessive given our experience.

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You can get your hands on this cigar for just around $8.00 which makes it a pretty damn good deal. There isn’t anything challenging about this cigar, so in terms of recommendation, but really feel there are some out there that may find this cigar to not be in their wheelhouse. If you do grab one, do yourself a favor… Drink it in the morning with a good cup of coffee. You won't regret it. 

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