Wayfarer by Serino

This wandering gypsy made his way into our hands this week. Let's see if his journey was worth the effort.

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Vitola (Size)
The 109 (6 1/4 x 50)
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Not really having any expectation around this cigar whatsoever, we were shocked in terms of how good this cigar really was across the board. Minimal flaws and an impeccable burn on both samples smoked, even if the flavor didn’t match the tone in terms of the entire smoking experience, it would still be wonderful, but we were glad that this little vagrant gave us much more to be excited about. The flavors quite simply mesh well together. A consistent smooth and sweet throughout, with just enough spice in the background to keep you on your toes, this cigar really has it all in terms of balance and splendidness. It won’t set you back too much coming in at $9.00 a stick. If you enjoy a sense of symmetry in your cigars, you will love this one!



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Serino Cigar Co.

Anthony Philip Serino is the President of APS DISTRIBUTORS, LLC and founder of the Serino Cigar Co. that created the Super Premium Cigar Line called  Serino Royale.

The Serino Royale has garnered some of the highest Cigar Ratings from the top Cigar reviewers, and established the Cigar Line as a favorite of many true cigar lovers all over the world.

After 21 years of hard work in the cigar industry, Tony and his son Carson have achieved success in producing this premium yet affordable cigar line. Many fans of the Serino Royale say the same thing, it’s as good as any $20 Cigar but costs half the price.

The Hot Ticket
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