Viva La Vida by Artesano Del Tobacco

Don't let the Jester fool you. This is a serious cigar

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The Breakdown
Habano Oscuro Nicaraguan
Nicaraguan Criollo
Corojo Nicaraguan
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 X 52)
Price (USD)

This may be a new Brand but it comes to us from the well known industry veteran, Billy Fakih. Manufactured by the A.J. Fernandez team, this cigar had our skeptical muppet senses on high alert. We have said it before and it’s certainly true in this case, A.J. seems to always produce better sub brand cigars than they do their own. The construction on this cigar was one of the most beautiful I have seen on a cigar as of recent. The wrapper has a real show room appeal, and with the right agent could certainly get a few commercial spots. Both samples smoked produced some consistency issues, but with quick correction we managed to get them back on track and although we believe this cigar isn’t incredibly multi-dimensional in terms of flavor, what you do get it very enjoyable, and that enjoyable flavor is really enhanced on the retrohale. Coming in at a price that isn't published yet, it’s tough to see where is lands on the value spectrum, but if it falls anywhere from the $8.00 - $10.00 range, it will be one worth getting your grubby little hands on.



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