Vintage 1997 Maduro by Macanudo

What the hell am I doing reviewing a Macanudo? Fingers crossed!

Chris Allen
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The Breakdown
Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Brazilian Mata Fina, Nicaraguan, Dominican
Vitola (Size)
Perfecto (6 x 49)
Price (USD)

I have never really been a Macanudo fanboy but I challenge myself to constantly try new cigars and revisit brands I may have shied away from in the past. Hey, tangent… Doesn’t Macanudo sound like the name of a candybar?! If this cigar WAS a candybar it would have to taste bitter-sweet with some nuttiness, right? Hey Macanudo, I have a working tagline for this cigar: “The candybar of the cigar world”. Anyways I had to give this one a try because, well, look at it...


Wow. Gotta say the presentation and vitola really makes a statement in this piece. Very well constructed for this crazy looking perfecto with a heavy metal band on it. Heaviest cigar I know. That’s for sure. Thankfully the metal band never tore the hell out of the wrapper, and will make a nice engagement ring for my girlfriend. Great triple cap structure on a beautifully dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. A+ Macanudo. Perfectos aren’t easy to make but you nailed it.


With such a tight-booty cigar, you have to expect the draw in the beginning to be a bit of a smoking challenge. It is, but thankfully it doesn’t last long at all. Just bare with it because it’s totally worth it. This Vintage 1997 is a good 2-3 puffer after the initial foot with great smoke production. Now I didn’t have any challenges with the burn until the end when it started to taper back down into the head of the cigar which unfortunately suffocated about 70% into the cigar causing a relight. Still, one relight? Again, not a deal breaker at all considering the vitola and flavor which I HAVE to get into already! “Chris! Move on to the flavor already!” Alright, alright!


Dudes...Dudettes. Are you sitting down? Are you comfortable? Ok… This Vintage 1997 is the sweetest cigar from the first puff to the last that I have ever had in my life. I was so confused by the sweetness I was thinking, “Is this damn thing infused?” I literally licked the wrapper just to be sure it wasn’t. What voodoo did you do so well in this blend Macanudo?! Notes of nuttiness with moderate spice with a perpetual sweet creaminess that was at the forefront of its flavor profile. But what made it even more enjoyable is that it changes subtly as you go opening up into a little bit more spice about halfway through. I was so pleasantly surprised that I have a slight change of heart about the Macanudo brand.

Highly recommended.


For $13.00 with a flashy prestigious metal band; I will always have to question and compare the quality of the smoking experience to the marketing. BUT, I will say, damn what delicious friggin’ cigar.
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Every single Macanudo shares the same journey as the very first Macanudo cigar, which was handcrafted in 1968. It all begins before the tobacco seeds are planted. Our team of highly skilled agronomists start by preparing the soil - analyzing its pH and imparting special nutrients to ensure the ideal environment for each seed. Our agronomists are involved in every single aspect of cultivating the tobacco, from preparing the soil and selecting the seeds to overseeing their implantation in soil beds.

Chris Allen
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