Unexpected Tradition by AVO

Well AVO...This really WAS unexpected.

Chris Allen
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The Breakdown
Dominican, Peruvian
Vitola (Size)
(6 x 50)
Price (USD)

At this year’s IPCPR in Las Vegas, AVO revealed the Unexpected Series. Four different cigars; four different blends. The Moment, Passion, Celebration, and Tradition... Basically the Ninja Turtles of AVO cigars. 

Backstory time… We’ve reviewed the $12 AVO Syncro Ritmo before, and you can check that out here: Ritmo by AVO. My brother and I had mixed feelings on the cigar but there was one thing we agreed on, “What are those tobacco farmers doing in Peru?!” It’s one of the most difficult things to describe in terms of flavor, but we really, really liked it. Fast-forwarding to now, is this Unexpected Tradition any better, vastly different, or worse in terms of construction, burn, and taste to that of the Ritmo? 

In terms of construction, virtually flawless with a beautiful Ecuadorian wrapper and a beautiful choice of color and contrast on the branded AVO label. Done. Easy. Moving on!

Like all burn experiences you want it to be a consistently even burn, effortless draw, and a good 1-2 puff puff to create some cloud art like those vape guys. Did I get that? Sure did. Done. We’re flying through this review!

In terms of flavor, it’s pretty bitter upfront but mellows out into a triad of bitterness, earthiness, and small amounts of creaminess quite consistently for the rest of my smoking experience. Surprisingly, if memory serves me right, this may even be a significantly spicier cigar than that of the AVO Ritmo, but when I look at the specs of this cigar, I would have never expected it. Touché AVO...You cigar ninjas. To be honest, I think I really do like this better than it’s teal Peruvian predecessor. The medium spice was a pleasant surprise for me that rounded out the rest of the flavors quite well!  

This cigar also comes in at just $9.00 and is very competitively priced. (Inset slow, confident clap). That’s what I’m talking about! Great price AVO. Worth it. It really gives you a chance to try this cigar without risking your lover asking why you’re having date-night at McDonald's this week.

I think the Unexpected Tradition was a step in the right direction and a more than worthy cigar to buy and try when you stop in your local B&M or online tobacconist.



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Inspired by the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Avo Uvezian, our Master Blender has ventured to the untamed heart of Central America. Capturing sweet and spicy flavors from the rich, volcanic soil of Nicaragua and blending them with the soft, creamy notes of the finest Dominican leaves. Resulting in a smooth and balanced box-pressed cigar with unexpected depth and complexity.

Chris Allen
Co-host of The Hot Ticket Podcast. With only 3 years in the cigar industry, Chris is willing to try any cigar (and we mean any cigar), and has built quite an extensive catalog of cigars he's smoked or reviewed in such a short time.