Undercrown Shade by Drew Estate

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Ecuadorian Connecticut
Dominican, Nicaraguan
Vitola (Size)
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Looking for a light and delicious cigar? The Drew Estate Undercrown Shade is what you are looking for. The Undercrown Shade had a fairly good cumulative construction. However, one of the three cigars reviewed had an uneven wrapper and a slightly detached cap. These defects did have an adverse impact on the overall burn, draw, and consistency of that cigar. This cigar gets a below average burn rating from our team. There were slight issues with an uneven burn. The draw, while slightly firm, was enjoyable and produced a good smoke volume. One of the cigars reviewed went out when placed down for only two minutes. Flavor is where this cigar really shines! The Undercrown Shade is light, nutty, and slightly creamy. There is a hint of pepper in the first initial draw or two but it mellows and balances well after about the first third. In typical Drew Estate Fashion, the Undercrown Shade is a delicious, fairly well made-cigar. If you are interested in a cigar on the lighter side of the flavor spectrum, this cigar is a must for your palate!



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