Toothpick 2.0 by Jas Sum Kral

Toothpick was also my nick name in high school. hmmmm.

Cory Allen
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The Breakdown
Mexican San Andres
Vitola (Size)
Robuto (5 x 50)
Price (USD)

One part of a two part effort, the Maduro shares a binder and filler type with its Habano counterpart but of course different wrappers. It's worth noting before we really break down this cigar that the filler combination that is comprised of both short and long fillers. 

Construction - The cigar itself is adequately made for the most part,  however a lazy cap structure and some less than clean gluing tactics, lead me to believe that this kind of carelessness can only be summed up in the fact that this cigar is a “value” cigar. Other than that, this cigar is visually appealing and feels good in the hands at its is both rigid and dense to the touch. 

Burn - The draw on this cigar was effortless and free flowing which i did not anticipate given how dense it was. Needless to say, that was a pleasant surprise. At about the halfway point, the cigar began to run, and like Forrest Gump, kept on runnin. So much so that correcting it was a challenge. In addition, in the final third, and abrupt outage caused by pitting occur, which caused a re-light. 

Flavor - What can I say about the flavors other than “WHERE WERE THE FLAVORS”? The cigar packs a punch for the beginning which undoubtedly comes from the defined Mexican San Andres wrapper, however that’s about all I got as it continued. The wrapper simply overwhelms the underwhelming fillers, which causes a severe lack of balance in this cigar. Every once in a while a shiny glimmer of flavor hope would appear in the form of savory bright sweetness, but as quickly as it appeared, it just as quickly eroded back into the blandness abyss. This cigar just simply lacks any complexity or any desirable flavors.



One redeeming aspect of this cigar is in the price of $6.00. At this price point, you simply can’t expect perfection or really anything definitionally close to perfection. This cigar is underwhelming but adequate because of the price point. This would make a good “get up and go” smoke or something to store in the humidor as a cheap stocking stuffer, or one to give a friend that is a “once in a while” smoker. 

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