Timeless Sterling by Nat Sherman

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The Breakdown
Ecuadorian Connecticut
Vitola (Size)
Corona Gorda (5.75 x 46)
Price (USD)

Here we are yet again with another Brand that hasn’t been featured on the podcast. In addition to that, a brand that may have lost a little in the way of popularity due to their stance on the potentially crippling FDA regulation on premium tobacco. This week we break down the Nat Sherman Timeless Sterling. 

Another Connecticut but certainly done in a different way. Even with the thin fragility of this CT wrapper, it was still crafted beautifully. We can always get behind a brand that takes even further precaution constructing these types of cigars, creating an outcome that would be expected in any cigar you buy. The only issue we had (which appeared in both) is a wrapper tear when removing the label. Unfortunately this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. 

Both samples had an outstanding draw and out of all the Sterlings we have smoked as of recent that appears to be a common theme. Where one samples fell short was in the consistency. Multiple pitting issues caused one relight after another, drastically changing the flavors of the cigar for the worse. 

Speaking of Flavors, this starts off very creamy, smooth, and nutty, with little to no spice introduced. The flavors remain consistent and really compliment one another other, for most of the cigar. Where we were frustrated with this cigar however, is the fact that with roughly a third of the smoke remaining, the cigar begins to get harsh and almost un-smokeable. This characteristic isn't necessarily uncommon in a traditional Connecticut, however this cigar seems to be a bit compared to others.

$12.50 is MSRP on that cigar and both of us felt that the pricing us a bit overinflated, especially when 33% of the cigars were simply subpar. These flavors aren't challenging at all and quite enjoyable for the first two thirds, but your $12.50 could certainly be better spent on something that is a bit more long lasting. 



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