Tierra Volcan by Mombacho

Ge ready for a flavor explosion!

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The Breakdown
Habano-seed Sun Grown from Jalapa Valley
Habano seed criollo viso from Condega
Condega and Jalapa Valley
Vitola (Size)
Corto (4 x 50)
Price (USD)

Coming in at a short but mighty four inches (much like what’s in Chris’s nether region), this cigar is anything but inadequate. Sufficient construction with a corresponding and an anticipated burn that we felt was just satisfactory. What makes it really stand out though? How about the addicting flavor profile?! The cigar starts off just a bit muted but opens up quickly, similar to ratcheting up a roller coaster hill in anticipation for the exciting plummet down to the bottom. This is certainly one that keeps you guessing and more importantly, wanting more. Coming in at a price of $9.00, it may seem spendy for 4 inches, but as the ladies say “Size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that counts”.. So we have been told…



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What’s In A Name? To us, it’s everything!  When visiting Granada one’s time is not complete without paying a visit to the majestic Volcano Mombacho.

Last active in 1570, Mombacho first erupted roughly 20,000 years ago, creating the hundreds of islets that dot the surrounding waters below its peak. It is this event that inspired the volcano’s name, which means “Mother of our land” in the local indigenous tongue.

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