The “T” by Caldwell, Room 101, AJ Fernandez

Crafted by three cigar phenoms... Did they get it right?

The Hot Ticket
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The Breakdown
Nicaragua Habano
Dominican, Nicaragua
Vitola (Size)
Toro Grande
Price (USD)

A mouth full of brands all coming together to make something that we all hoped would be great. Did they succeed? We certainly think so. Finally a collaboration that lived up to the hype! Despite the polarization of popularity by the collective consumer, it’s hard to deny this cigar is a tasty little muppet. It’s pretty spice heavy which is why we don’t think it’s for everyone. This could also be the reason for it’s “love/hate” reaction. Either way we enjoyed it, and coming in at $12.00 per stick, that’s a good thing. It isn’t cheap! If you like a palate punch and some spicy goodness, you will certainly enjoy this cigar.

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You can get your hands on this cigar for just around $8.00 which makes it a pretty damn good deal. There isn’t anything challenging about this cigar, so in terms of recommendation, but really feel there are some out there that may find this cigar to not be in their wheelhouse. If you do grab one, do yourself a favor… Drink it in the morning with a good cup of coffee. You won't regret it. 

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