The King Is Dead by Caldwell

The King is Dead! Long live the King!

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Negrito Dominicano – 2008
Corojo Dominicano
Corojo Dominicano
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Perhaps celebrating the ascension of Caldwell Cigars as a new, potential “monarch” in the premium cigar industry, The King is Dead is certainly constructed to make a statement! The King is Dead is a great looking cigar with rock solid construction. That being said, two of the three cigars we reviewed had a little damage from either shipping or being loose and moving around a bit too much in their box. The Negrito wrapper is very attractive and well utilized around the binder and fillers. The cigar is slightly firm and had a nicely placed cap. 4.58 on our rating scale is a below average number but the burn is the only area where The King is Dead didn’t perform at peak levels. All three cigars we reviewed had slightly firm draws which impacted our ability to produce a great tasting mouthful of smoke with minimal effort. The King is Dead was as delicious a Corojo cigar as the team has ever smoked. The spice and teases of sweetness are noticeable throughout the entire cigar from pre light draws to the final puff. A cigar meant to coronate Caldwell Cigars as a new major player in our industry certainly delivered. The bold, in your face Corojo binder and filler attack your taste buds with the ferocity that Caldwell envisioned.



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