Sir Robert Peel Maduro by Protocol

We "peel" back the layers on this one!

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The Breakdown
Pennsylvania Broadleaf
Vitola (Size)
Toro (6 x 52)
Price (USD)

The “Sir Robert Peel” falls in line with the law enforcement tradition that Protocol has applied to all of their releases. Sir Robert Peel is considered to be the father of the modern-day police force, even though it was 1829 when he established the London Metropolitan Police Force. Am I the only one that doesn’t see the irony here in multiple ways? It’s hard to really care about the police across the pond with the goofy hats, billy clubs, and non lethal tactics to de-escalate serious situations, so let’s waste no more time and break this bad boy down!

Construction - It’s worth mentioning that although this cigar maintains its connection to Law enforcement, it doesn't necessarily fall in line with the previous logo-ed branding, which we think is quite nice. We dig the old school look and logo this cigar boasts. Both samples were a bit a bit bumpy with protruding veins. The construction just seemed so primitive but oddly we liked it. We are pretty sure these cigars were supposed to be box pressed but if a box pressed effort was made, it was lazily done. They were certainly box pressed lite. 

Burn - Both samples smoked adequately. They achieved a great draw but both had a little of a wonky burn but fortunately never needed corrected. Smoke production was top diggity notch! One sample did abruptly go out in the final third, but on a seven and a half inch cigar, that is almost to be expected. 

Flavor - Wow! We loved the cold draw flavors! It all comes out in full force and it’s nice to get the preamble for what is so come. An in your face dark fruitiness is the predominant flavor at the onset followed by a complimentary heavy pepper. At the halfway point the cigars became bitter sweet which was a great and unexpected flavor change. Flavors really go all over the place after the first half never really giving you too much of one thing for too long. This cigar keeps you on your toes. As you make your way into the back nine, this smoke becomes earthy and woody. Yet another 180 degree turn from a flavor perspective which was unexpected but oddly desirable. The finish flicks your chin with that heavy pepper, bringing it all back to the beginning like a theme park roller coaster. Complex, confusing, yet satisfying is how we would summarize this cigar. 

Highly recommended.


Now we smoked this in a vitola that isn’t available on the market, however we can’t imagine that the regularly produced toro is a whole lot different, making this a pretty desirable cigar, even at an elevated $12.00 price point. I would argue that this is the best cigar Protocol has produced to date.
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Protocol cigars are the signature brand of the Cubariqueño Cigar Co., a boutique cigar company founded by New York Metropolitan area police officers, Juan Cancel & Bill Ives. ... Be sure to add some of these fine Nicaraguan cigar company founded by New York Metropolitan area police officers, Juan Cancel & Bill Ives. ... Be sure to add some of these fine Nicaraguan cigars to your collection sooner than later.

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