Siglo III By Cohiba

In his honor, would Columbus have approved?

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The Breakdown
Cuban seco, ligero, medio tiempo
Vitola (Size)
Corona Grande (6.1 x 42)
Price (USD)

Being our first Cuban review we really didn’t know what to expect. We have smoked plenty but really haven’t broken them down to the degree we do other non cuban cigars. The opportunity was a real treat to say the least. The construction on the samples smoked was an anomaly, as they really are perfectly imperfect. Full of ridges, bumps, soft spots, etc, characteristics that would certainly be detrimental to most cigars, actually worked for this cigar (photo on IG would show you). Somehow the burn remained unaffected by these imperfections and as a matter of fact, smoked evenly while offering up rich full draws of smoke. Only on one sample did the cigar abruptly go out a few times, which isn't uncommon in this vitola. Other than that, the consistency was on par. The flavor of this cigar is fairly mild, offering up smooth, sweet, and creamy all the way through. It’s balanced in a way that makes every component used complementary to one another. Where we have objectively look at this cigar is in the price. This comes in at an average of $30.00 a stick, which by any standard is a steep price to pay for an hour and half of smoking enjoyment. We determined that the cigar comparatively isn't worth the price paid, though it is a very enjoyable. There are simply too many cigars on the market that are a fraction of the price and elevated in all aspects beyond the Siglo III. Where this cigar really fits in is on a special occasion or celebratory experience. Outside of that be on the lookout for something that doesn’t stretch the budget so intensely.



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Cohiba begins with tobacco seeds that have been rigorously selected and bred by our team of agronomists. The tiny seeds are raised in climate controlled greenhouses. There, skilled farmers hand-select the very best leaves even before the seedlings are transplanted into the rich soil. This ensures that only the finest tobaccos comprise Cohiba cigars.

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