Serie Signaturas Dueto by Balmoral

Like Billy Joel and Elton John joining forces.

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Nicaraguan & Brazilian
Vitola (Size)
Toro (6 x 52)
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What do you get when you take a solid name like Balmoral and have the mastermind Ernesto Perez Carrillo blend you a cigar? Intrigue at a minimum I would hope. CEO of Royal Agio Boris Wintermans came together with legendary master blender Ernesto Carrilo to create the aptly named “Dueto” which was introduced to the marketplace in 2018 at the IPCPR trade show. Is this cigar on par with other famous E.P. Carrillo creations? Let’s find out!

Construction - Like most Balmoral cigars, this one boasts a wonderful aesthetic. It’s dense, symmetrical, and stands at attention in the box like a soldier waiting for orders. Appearance wise, it quite simply stands out, especially with the double radiant red bands that are impossible to miss on a shelf.

Burn - The best aspect to the burn was the draw. Each sample received high praise simply for how well it smoked. Effortless with an outcome of full smoke is about as good as it gets, and this cigar achieved just that. Unfortunately one samples had a wrapper tear due to a band removal (no getting around it) as well as a pit which required a relight attempt in the final third. All things considered though, these cigars were easy and enjoyable to smoke. 

Flavor - We were excited to see what the output of the flavor was going to be, not only because of the blender, but also because of what was used to blend. The cigar started off with a rush of pepper which actually fades rather quickly then transitions into a subtle creamy and savory combination. The subtle but enjoyable combination begins to erode quickly leaving this cigar a bit flat footed with no dynamic changes until the final third. The cigar becomes earthy but not in the most palatable way as it's a bit bitter and harsh which amplifies as you head to the end. This is not a bad flavor combo but unfortunately it is one that is easily forgettable. 

Decent smoke to try.


You will be out of pocket roughly $10.50 for this cigar which we feel is appropriate given the size, but certainly tows the line of being overvalued simply because of the dulled flavors. This cigar just left us wanting more of something we never got. Luckily the superb construction and great burn kept the score high for this smoke but there is no doubt It lacks the complexity we would have expected from this powerhouse team up. 

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Royal Agio Cigars is a leading global manufacturer of premium cigars offering internationally renowned brands such as Balmoral, San Pedro de Macorís, Panter and Mehari ́s. Established by Jacques Wintermans in 1904 and currently headed by Boris Wintermans (4th generation), Royal Agio Cigars continues to be an independent family company of craft cigar makers with headquarters located in Duizel, Holland. During the company’s 100-year anniversary, Agio Cigars was awarded the Royal warrant of appointment by Her Majesty, Queen of the Netherlands, formally changing the company name to Royal Agio Cigars. Today, Royal Agio cigars are distributed to more than 100 countries globally, with production facilities located in the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sri Lanka.

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