Selección Suprema No. 560 by Flor d'crossier

Cram it up your cram hole la Flor

Cory Allen
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The Breakdown
Dominican & Nicaraguan
Vitola (Size)
Magnum (5.5 x 52)
Price (USD)

I was pretty excited about smoking this cigar simply because I had heard great things. Starting off it was quickly apparent that this cigar was produced with high quality product and given the attention it deserves during the production process. 

Unfortunately I had some issues with an overly tight draw from the get go, which annoyed me like a pesky kid kicking the back of my plane seat. That aside the burn was pretty consistent and presented minimal challenges. 

The Aroma of this cigar was curious in the most pleasant way possible, to the point where I wanted to taste exactly what I was smelling, but unfortunately there was minimal sparks of great and for the majority of the cigar and the flavors just seemed to be subdued. Every so often a woody flavor with slight bitterness would come about but would tame itself just as quickly. 

At an average cost of $9.50 each, the price seems to be a tad bit inflated for what I experienced. I would recommend perhaps aging this a bit after you get them. I think it would change the dynamic of flavors quite dramatically for the better.



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Flor de D’Crossier
Cory Allen
Host of The Hot Ticket Podcast. Cory isn’t your prototypical cigar smoker. He’s a testament to today’s modern smoker. Having smoked his first cigar at the age 18, he immediately gained an affinity for this seemingly exclusive pastime, and specifically one that is not popular amongst those categorized as "Millennials" Today, Cory continues to indulge in some of the most highly rated and regarded cigars in the industry and is always seeking to get his grubby little hands on the next great smoke.