Reserva Privada by Quesada Cigars

Not a Taco Bell menu item, but it is a damn good cigar.

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The Breakdown
Ecuadorian Connecticut
Dominican & Pennsylvanian
Vitola (Size)
Toro Gordo (6 1/2 x 56)
Price (USD)

Hot damn! I would like to say this was our first collective  rodeo with this cigar but the reality is that it wasn’t. Unfortunately during the first bout, one of us was completely inebriated and doesn’t remember much of the experience other than looking at the receipt the next morning thinking “huh. I don’t remember buying that”. 

This cigar is unlike any other we have seen. It looked like a fresh conditioned pair of Lucchese cowboy boots (look em up). We was in awe and couldn’t stop appreciating how amazing it looked. Oily, rich, and smooth, it really doesn’t get better than the Reserve Privada. 

Well that is where the fun stops.. For now. How do we articulate this delicately? These cigars smoked worse than a hobo’s homemade cardboard crack pipe. Yea I get the irony in what was just written. Severe running? Check. Pitting? Check, Failed hold test? Check. The draw? Well that was actually ok when the samples were smoking correctly. This cigar simply failed in terms of burn and did so across the board. 

Ok let the fun resume. This cigar is palate pleasing with the myriad of different flavors hitting you at different times. The Pennsylvanian tobacco stands out on its own in an undeniably safe way. The utilization of PA fillers in cigars can be hit or miss, and Quesada just flat out got them right in this blend. This is one of the most stand out cigars in terms of flavor that we have had the pleasure of smoking as of recent, however we both felt it could have achieved a higher level of balance in terms of tying all the greatness together.  This cigar is the United Nations of premium tobacco, offering up a sense of diversity and unity all at the same time. 



You will pay a premium for this cigar as it comes in at $15.00 MSRP. Given the trouble we had with the burn, it would have undoubtedly caused both of us to give this cigar a price delta across the board in any other situation, however, the flavor was so great and redeeming, one of us still had to say it was worth it, and we can't wait to smoke one that actually burns with some consistency. 

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