Red knight by Jas Sum Kral

Down Down Down. Red Knight's going down.

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The Breakdown
Ecuadorian Habano
Mexican San Andrés & Nicaraguan
Top Secret
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 50)
Price (USD)

Here is a brand you want to root for. A guy who wanted to expound upon what he thought was a lackluster presence in cigars, created a brand to challenge the status quo. He did that with a new brand called Jas Sum Kral which is Macedonian for “I am King”. Its bold choice in a name, but it's hard to hate it. This week we break down Owner Riste Ristevski’s “Red Knight” 

Something not to gloss over but not to spend an immense amount of time on is the construction of this cigar. Everything we want in cigar production, this one delivers on. A beautiful sheen on the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, although it was lighter than expected. In addition it shows off a wonderful little piggy tail cap which is always fun and give you a giggle every time you see one. If we could give bonus points for that, we would. 

The burn experience for both was pretty average and right down the fairway. The only challenge that was present and represented on both was a pit in the final third that caused us to relight, but outside of that one minor flaw, we were batting a .300 for sure. 

One thing we really appreciated on this cigar, that we typically don't, is the closed foot. For this cigar it works. It creates a palatable flavor rush of pepper and spice that really launches this cigar into hyper drive. It’s nice sometimes to skip the foreplay and get right into intercourse. This cigar was meaty, earthy, with a pepper blitz that always is willing to peak its head around the corner to let you know he is still watching you. A few brief moments during the cigar you would get a nice balance of sweet but it always seems to be short lived. A sweetness that we believe could have balanced this cigar out to a great degree and really enhanced the flavor overall. Either way, it was pleasant overall.



This cigar won’t break the bank. $7.50 is the average price paid which we agreed is a pretty fair deal given what you get.

We feel like this cigar could be enjoyed by most who smoke even semi frequently but I am not sure we would readily pass them out to the novice smoker. 

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