Purple by La Barba

A simple name, however it's anything but a simple cigar

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The Breakdown
Ecuadorian Habano
Dominican Corojo
Dominican Corojo, Carbonell
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 50)
Price (USD)

Ohio natives Tony Bellato & Craig Rossi team up with industry super stars Robert Caldwell (Caldwell Cigar Company) & Henderson Ventura (son of William Ventura) to create the La Barba purple. How could this possibly be anything but amazing? In this Vitola, we think it’s just that. With a near flawless construction, it’s easy to see that these 4 minds conceded nothing in terms of producing a stick that is of the utmost quality. With a wonderful flavor to match, this cigar was truly a treat and will become apart of the regular rotation. Coming in at roughly $10.00 per stick, its right about where it should be in terms of value. If you find it for less, you are getting something really special.



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La Barba

It's everything that surrounds the cigar that isn't the cigar itself. It's the coffee. It's the band. It's the lighter. It's the wine. It's the watch. It's the bourbon. It's whatever you bring to the table with your La Barba. It's secretly sacred to everyone, the ritual is personal. How you cut it. The way you light it. The people you share it with. The place you go to relax. The cigar is why, but the culture is how it becomes a part of you.

How this plays a role in our philosophy, is that when we make a cigar, we have in mind the people who will smoke it. We believe they come from all walks of life, that they aren't just one type of person. With that diversity in mind, we always strive to make our cigars personal, unique and memorable, from their flavor profiles down to their shapes and even their box designs. Each component matters. Each retailer matters. Each customer matters.

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