PSyKo Seven Maduro by Ventura Cigar Co.

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The Breakdown
Mexican San Andres
Mexican Sumatra
Multiple Country Blend
Vitola (Size)
Toro (6.25 x 48)
Price (USD)

Coming to us in 2014 the Psyko Seven maduro was the sequel to the original Psyko Seven blend. It's worth saying that not only is the progressive name refreshing but also the attitude that comes with it. 

The Pskco Seven is one of those cigars that we like to say is constructed in a perfectly imperfect manner. It comes with the bumps, ridges, and waves, but that is part of its charm and appeal. It certainly lives up to the name, even if it was not intentional. 

Both samples smoked wonderfully minus a minor deduction for one not passing our hold test. These cigars were both easy on the draw offering up an exceptional amount of smoke with each puff. A great start to the smoking experience!

This cigar started off fairly bland and we were not sure if it was because of the myriad of fillers used, creating a flavor confusion or if it was just that boring. The cigar is fairly earthy but even with earthiness being the most pronounced, it’s still muted and bland. One thing we both thought was strange is where you would anticipate this cigar getting hot and harsh at the end, some good sweet and tangy flavors were actually accentuated. Unfortunately that was short lived as it came just a tad late. Had it all been reversed and turned on its head, this crazy bastard would have been one hell of a smoke.

Another highlight of the cigar is the price. $8.00 for a toro by most standards is pretty darn good. This cigar has a unique following and many folks out there love all iterations, we just think this Psyko may have been a little too crazy for its own good.



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Ventura Cigar Company (VCC) is a unique cigar brand born in sunny Southern California that is on a mission to create memorable, complex cigar blends that excite the senses and reward discriminating palates. Their flagship Archetype, Case Study, Project805, and PSyKo SEVEN brands offer multiple award-winning blends that earned 90+ ratings in Cigar Aficionado, Cigar & Spirits, and Cigar Snob. And Archetype’s Axis Mundi won #13 Cigar of the Year for 2017 from Cigar Aficionado. Ventura Cigar Company also distributes Tommy Bahama Luxury Cigar Accessories and the 4th Generation Tobacconist and Comoy’s of London lines of pipe tobacco products, extending its reach and tradition of offering top-quality tobacconist products. Pipes and blends under these brands are cultivated through generations of craftsmanship, making them longtime favorites of pipe tobacco enthusiasts. 

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