Powstanie Habano by Cigar Hustler

This cigar has no doubt created an uprising!

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The Breakdown
Ecuador Habano
Dominican, Nicaraguan
Vitola (Size)
Perfecto (5 x 50)
Price (USD)

Since everyone has corrected us a billion times we figured we would spread the knowledge. “Powstanie” is pronounced (pov - sta - nieh). Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move the fuck on. Made at the NicaSueño factory, this cigar comes out of the gate with high expectations. Rolled in what maybe be the absolute perfect vitola (Cory’s opinion), this cigar boasts amazing construction and there is no denying the product used is of the utmost quality. Visually this cigar is stunning. One sample smoked had some minor challenges with draw and burn consistency but they other seemed near perfect, creating a pretty anticipated experience overall. The flavor is perplexing in a great way. It’s complex yet simple at the same time. The meshing of flavors simply work, and work to a degree of high satisfaction. There is no doubt a lot of time and attention went into this cigar before Cigar Hustler Mike and the NicaSueño were ready to put it on the market. Coming in at $9.00, we think this cigar is fairly priced and one worth getting yours hands on. I will caution you though, this cigar isn’t for the novice smoker. A bold flavor profile with enough nicotine to put down a Grizzly, we would really only recommend this cigar to someone ready for the next progression or a true aficionado.



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