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I pledge allegiance to E.P. Carrillo

Cory Allen
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The Breakdown
Connecticut Habano
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 50)
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Does the band look familiar? It should. It mimics its older siblings being the La Historia and Encore lines. The only difference of course being the name and color. What I was most intrigued by when the cigar was released was, how would it hold up against two E.P. Carrillo power house cigars? Let’s find out. 

Construction - The pledge boasts a thick firm dark wrapper. It’s very firm to the touchy and strikingly veiny. lThe wrapper appeared not to be pulled tightly in some places causing peaks and ridges. The production seemed rushed and sloppy. 

Burn - What an AMAZING draw.! It was near perfect with great smoke production, and to top it off this cigar was forgetfully (in the best way) consistent. 

Flavor - This cigar started off overwhelmingly aromatic but I couldn't help but try to inhale more smoke in my face. I imagine it's like being a meth addict. You know it's bad for and will rot your teeth but you will die for some more of that pookie. Like the aroma, the dominant flavors upfront being wood and pepper, stampede through your nasal passages like a herd of wild buffalo. Quick to make their way through however, the cigar settles and smooths out quickly, bringing forward a more quiet creaminess, matched with a hint of sweet. This cigar really takes a 180 as it rounds into the 2nd half. I absolutely fell in love with the flavor changes. The cigar becomes very rich in the 2nd half imparting a dark cocoa flavor that amplifies intensity. The contrast in flavors is like being around someone with bi-polar disorder, except this is way more fun and not exhausting at all. 

Highly recommended.


$10.75? ALL DAY LONG. Minus the lazy construction, this cigar is full of flavor explosions and simply keeps you on your toes. It isn't a secret anymore that the La Historia is in my Mount Rushmore, and although the flavors of this cigar are vastly different, it mirrors the La Historia in the fact that it changes often but in a predetermined and methodical way. This cigar is amazing and a must try!

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Cory Allen
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