Paso Doble by Balmoral

Will we dance a two step all the way to flavor town, or will we double pass on this one next time around?

Chris Allen
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The Breakdown
Ecuador Habano
Ecuador Sumatra
Dominican, Brazil
Vitola (Size)
Gran Toro (6 1⁄4 x 54)
Price (USD)

Paso Doble…What an interesting name; interesting indeed. It means ”Two step” if you’re Spanish, BUT it also means “Double pass” if you’re Albanian!The question is Balmoral: which are yeh? Spanish or Albanian!? Is this to be a dance of flavors in my mouth, or should I take a hard, double pass on this because it just ain’t good?! We’ll see Balmoral. We’ll see.


Oh no!! We started off on the wrong foot, literally! You know, I’ve said before I don’t like foot bands and this just confirms the trials and tribulations of covering up a cigars beautiful chocolate skin with too much clothing. The foot was tore up underneath the label. She had an ugly foot. Probably not great for dancing, but we’ll see. Pretty decent cap structure, and little squish to the density of the tobacco. All in all it was a great looking cigar, minus that fugly foot I discovered.


She might have an ugly foot but DAMN this girl was burning it up on the dance floor. Burning that foot was wonky but it didn't cause a relight, BUT I got a small mouse hole in the first 25%, around the that fug foot…God I can’t stop staring at it. I’m starting to feel like Mauricio: Hal’s best friend from the movie “Shallow Hal” where all he can focus on in suck a beautiful woman is her imperfections. Regardless, the cigar had a nice dark, flakey ash, and was a good 2-3 puffer and kept me entertained throughout her dance performance.


Forget her appearance, forget her slight fumble footing in the beginning of the show, because she shined here folks. A mild cigar from the get-go. Tangy, woody, and mild spice and became super creamy, smooth and tangy after the first several puffs and gave me that great flavor for the rest of the dance.

Highly recommended.


For $12 the Paso Doble is definitely not Albanian. (No offense to the beautiful country of Albania) The flavors were great and I quickly forgot about my construction druthers. Even though the price may be a little high, I think it's a cigar worth getting your hands on.
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