Opus X Perfecxion 888 by Arturo Fuente

Well...We're here again. Is this Opus X going to change my mind?

Chris Allen
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The Breakdown
Vitola (Size)
Lonsdale (6 7/8 x 44)
Price (USD)

You know. I don’t ever really gravitate towards a Fuente. It’s probably due to the fact that the bar I have set for what I think is a good Fuente is so high, that none of their cigars meet my expectation until it hits the $15+ range, but by then, I don’t want to spend the money. Then this cigar comes along: The Opus X Perfecxion 888. “Perfecxion”… It better be! (chuckling with a side of anxious sweating) Because I am once again going against all of my guttural instincts that say, “no, Chris. There’s no way this cigar that has a name you’d see on the label of some perfume bottle endorsed by a lingerie model is going to be good!” No way! Or will it?


I mean it’s an Opus X people. Fuente pays close attention to the construction of their most adored cigar. It’s a really nice colored wrapper with a warm brownish color and a matte look to it. Has a bit of rough texturing to its Dominican wrapper and not overly packed like most cigars I see on the market. Overall really beautiful and iconic label.


Wowza. This Lonsdale vitola makes an easy draw and burn.Takes only a couple hits to get a good amount of smoke to swirl around in your mouth. Never once had an issue with burning out too quickly and needing are light. This cigar spent most of its time smoking while sitting in my hand while I wrote this review. On top of that, it gave me my ashen peaks!! You know, those burning, pointed peaks of ash that I got every time I ashed the cigar.


Definitively the reason I stay away from most Fuentes is due to the lacking or so so flavor I constantly I encountered. I have always struggled with it.BUT this cigar was something else. There was so many small change ups of flavor for the hour or so I smoked it. Woody, bitter from the start. Then, the flavor becomes really full of earthy, nutty notes while the bitterness calms down. Then heavy hits led to this spike in bitterness in the beginning then gets kind of creamy and sweet? It was a roller coaster of flavors depending on how hard you took your draws. Pepperiness was always present, but it was always a supporting role and never the star. Lastly, and this might be the most defining thing about the flavors…Retrohale it if you know how to. You’ll be like, “Where the hell did that flavor come from?” Just do it. All-in-all the flavor was great and this was a super delicious, full-bodied smoke.

Highly recommended.


Man, this was a great cigar. The price is still a bit scary for me at an average of$24, but damn; it makes me want to smoke another one...eventually. Maybe, when I get paid again.
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