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On the eve of when the Warped team heads to Las Vegas for the IPCPR we want to take a moment to thank you for your support of Warped and it's vision. It's been quite the journey over the past 12 years since I launched Warped and it's been nothing but a pleasure crafting blends that I have seen so many cigar smokers enjoy all around the world.

Today is an exciting day as we have been quietly working on our new website for quite some time and we are finally ready to reveal the new web identity for Warped. We look to tell the brands story, inform you of each of the stories of our brands and the sizes within each brand, and where to authenticate our limited edition product. We look forward to giving you details on each limited edition release in our blog, and an easy to use map to find your nearest Warped retailer.

Our new website will be an ever growing organism, constantly updated, constantly tuned to better suit the needs of you and the information you crave.

Welcome to Warped.


Kyle J. Gellis
Warped Cigars LLC


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The Hot Ticket
A raunchy comedy cigar podcast about two brothers on a quest to find the best cigars around the world.