Nub Cameroon by Oliva

Will it fall short like its size, or become something much bigger than we expected?

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Vitola (Size)
4 x 60
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Everything about the Nub Cameroon 460 says "Interesting" at first glance, and it doesn't take long to fall in love with. The balance of flavors in this cigar coupled with the short fat body make it an undeniable pleasure to smoke. Despite a few construction flaws, this cigar comes in at an average price of $5.50 each, making it a great value and one that can be enjoyed by all.

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You can get your hands on this cigar for just around $8.00 which makes it a pretty damn good deal. There isn’t anything challenging about this cigar, so in terms of recommendation, but really feel there are some out there that may find this cigar to not be in their wheelhouse. If you do grab one, do yourself a favor… Drink it in the morning with a good cup of coffee. You won't regret it. 

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Oliva Cigar Co. the manufacturer of several brands of cigars primarily grown and produced in Nicaragua and sold worldwide. The family-owned company traces its roots to patriarch Melanio Oliva, who began growing tobacco in Pinar del Río, Cuba in 1886. In 1964, in the aftermath of the 1959 Cuban Revolution, Melanio's grandson Gilberto Oliva emigrated with his family to Spain before eventually moving to Nicaragua and reentering the tobacco business. In 1995 Gilberto and his son, Gilberto Jr., launched the "Gilberto Oliva" brand — a label which evolved into today's Oliva. The company is based today in Miami Lakes, Florida.

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