Essential Blend No. 2 by O.M. Cigars

Sure it's called No. 2, but can it be your No. 1?

Chris Allen
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The Breakdown
San Andres Cuban-seed
Dominican Negrito
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 54)
Price (USD)

Let me preface, if you search hard enough you can find some serious hidden gems in the cigar world. AND if you know us by now; Cory is the Lewis to my Clark. We’re explorers of the cigar world people. We will go, “Tew dee ends of dee eart” to find our Jack Sparrow of cigars. Do you get where I’m going with this? Well I hope you do, because I’m here to say I found one...hidden deep amongst the seducing women and shirtless man jungle of your Instagram feed; a small-batch, feisty company called O.M. Cigars, that I had the chance, nay, the pleasure of reviewing for you all. “What did you smoke”, you ask? Their Essential Blend No. 2 and it was blended and rolled by our good buddies at El Artista in the Dominican and raised and sent out into the world of Western Culture by Osvaldo Morales.

Construction - So if you’ve read our other cigar reviews with El Artista’s factory and QA process; this cigar isn’t an exception. Great dark San Andrés wrapper with the slightest gleam of oils on it. This cigar is tightly packed and the wrapper is really taut (taut (/tôt/): stretched or pulled tight; not slack). It’s near perfect. Well done!

Burn - The burn is also not an exception. 2-3 puffs really create some great smoke production. Nice volcanic-looking mountainous peaks when ashing, which I absolutely love, and it goes to show it's the right balance of faster burning wrappers to slower burning fillers. Sometimes a great blend doesn’t allow this to happen, but I sure as hell love when it does.

Flavor - As for the flavors... Creamy, earthy, and a bit tangy up-front. Salty to the lips from the San Andres wrapper and mild to medium spice. Not too bad, not too bad. HOWEVER, it does get spicier as you go, interestingly enough, which for me was a great finisher to the cigar because I’m a lover of spice. BUT, there’s more to this adventure of flavors that makes it stand out amongst a majority of cigars out there, and I’m pretty sure it’s the binder. “But Chris, the binder rarely offers any flavor component to the cigar”, and I’m here to tell you it’s less about the flavor it imparts, and more about the sensation. See this comes with a very special binder from El Artista. The “Negrito”. And for me, I shit you not, it tingles your lips. The same eerie sensation you might get if you were to travel the world searching for rare and dangerous delicacies to find yourself eating the deadly Fugu: the Japanese puffer fish. Totally great in my opinion.

Highly recommended.


For $12.00 it’s a really great cigar to search for if you’re like me. Tough to get your hands on currently, but worth it when you do.
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