Nicarugua by Camacho

I am not even sure what I just smoked..

Cory Allen
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The Breakdown
Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 52)
Price (USD)

I’ll start off by saying the name is somewhat contradicting. First off, the cigar itself only uses one component of Nicaraguan tobacco and that is in the filler. Secondly, the cigar is rolled in Honduras, not in Nicaragua, so it's difficult to really understand the name association. Either way, let’s see how good this cigar actually is. 

Construction -This is an area where I feel most Camachos thrive. It’s Nicely constructed with a very smooth and marbled wrapper. It has a smooth texture to match and everything seemed to be produced to precision. My only gripe as it is with all Camacho’s is the hideous bands.. Seriously. Maybe it’s time for a re-brand.

Burn - The burn on this sample was up to snuff. The draw was tight on the onset but loosened up after about 10 minutes and then it was smooth sailing from there. There were no challenges or issues to speak of beyond that, making this an enjoyable smoking experience from a burn perspective. 

Flavor - I love the creaminess from the Honduran you get right out of the gate. it is settled and not overstated which it has to be given the fact that there are so many types of tobacco used. The cigar is subtle and tame but actually pretty enjoyable though. The core flavors don’t change too much at all in the first third and it becomes more tame over time and slightly bitter and harsh at the 50% mark and tethers that line to the end. The cigar just never gets back to good. It continued to fall off in flavor, almost becoming void of anything enjoyable at all. It's hard to fathom a cigar that starts off so enriched and pleasant can take such a nose dive as it progresses. I really wanted to like this Camacho but it just falls short off story worthy. I think this is just another example of brand over blend. 

There's better options out there.


The positive is this cigar isn’t price prohibitive. $8.00 certainly won’t break the bank but even at that it seems to be a stretch given the numb flavor profile. I always like to be surprised, especially by Brands that I typically don’t favor and I desperately wanted this smoke to re-energize my desire for Camacho cigars, but it really did the opposite. It reminded me why I typically walk past them in a humidor without a second glance.
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Camacho Cigars was founded in 1961 by Simon Camacho and acquired by the Eiroa family in 1995. Now part of the Oettinger Davidoff Group, Camacho Cigars is based in Danlí, Honduras and specializes in authentic handmade Cuban seed cigars.

Cory Allen
Host of The Hot Ticket Podcast. Cory isn’t your prototypical cigar smoker. He’s a testament to today’s modern smoker. Having smoked his first cigar at the age 18, he immediately gained an affinity for this seemingly exclusive pastime, and specifically one that is not popular amongst those categorized as "Millennials" Today, Cory continues to indulge in some of the most highly rated and regarded cigars in the industry and is always seeking to get his grubby little hands on the next great smoke.