Navetta Inverso by Fratello

Better make "space" in your humidor for this cigar!

Cory Allen
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The Breakdown
Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
Vitola (Size)
Toro Grande (6 1/4 x 54)
Price (USD)

The Fratello Inverso is a literal inversion of the original Navetta cigar, simply reorganizing the components to craft a brand new smoking experience. To start, this cigar is beautifully constructed once you peel back the obnoxiously large labels, although not as oily as I would have expected. The multitude of flavors in this cigar are motley to say the least, but somehow from one puff to another it gives you abundance of greatness all the way to the very end. It is a bit pricey at about $12.50 each which normally for a Fratello cigar I would say it's over priced, but not this one. Navetta, Italian for “shuttle” there is no doubt this cigar is out of this world.



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Conceptualized 20 years ago when Don Rafael, manager of the small store next to my home, brought me to watch a torcedor (cigar roller) perform his art. The torcedor finished the cigar, handed it to me and said "Kid, welcome to the true gentleman's club"...

Cory Allen
Host of The Hot Ticket Podcast. Cory isn’t your prototypical cigar smoker. He’s a testament to today’s modern smoker. Having smoked his first cigar at the age 18, he immediately gained an affinity for this seemingly exclusive pastime, and specifically one that is not popular amongst those categorized as "Millennials" Today, Cory continues to indulge in some of the most highly rated and regarded cigars in the industry and is always seeking to get his grubby little hands on the next great smoke.