Mil Dias by Crowned Heads

Three years in the making.

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The Breakdown
Ecuadorian Habano
Nicaraguan, Peru, Costa Rican
Vitola (Size)
Edmundo (5 3/8 x 52)
Price (USD)

This blend is significant for a very specific reason. It marks the second time that Crowned Heads has utilized Tabacalera Pichardo to produce a cigar for their brand, the first of course being the widely popular “Juarez”. Mil Días, meaning “thousand Days” is roughly the span of time this cigar went from inception to creation. Let’s see if all of that time paid off!

Construction - These cigars were flawlessly produced. They boasted a milk chocolate color on the wrapper and were very smooth and symmetrical. It reminded me of the production quality of most Plasencia cigars and honestly looked like something that was replicated in a 3D printer. Absolutely top rate.. 

Burn - We both agreed the burn on the samples smoked was adequate. The draws were fairly effortless and smoke production was moderately full. Minus one abrupt outage early on in one of the samples, these cigars performed as expected and sometimes that’s all you can ask for. 

Flavor - The beginning is filled with a peppery bitterness, the pepper being the dominant of the two flavors. It sits on the tongue but isn't overwhelming. It’s one of a few times where that sharpness of spice didn’t overpower to the degrees of dissatisfaction in the beginning. That apparent spice erodes, leaving the pleasant bitterness, which we quite enjoyed and in addition becomes very earthy, and the combination of smooth, bitter, and earthy remain consistent throughout. There isn't a lot of change up, but the cigar is very balanced. There is no sweet, no creamy, no dark fruit.That is what makes this cigar so good. Like the Juaraz, it causes you to pause and think, and not just to think about what it is, but more importantly, what it isn’t.  The simple combination of flavors really work, and that is what we admire most about this cigar

Highly recommended.


Pricing hasn’t been set yet but given what we know we are thinking this vitola will land somewhere around the $10.50 mark which would be a good price for this cigar. If you are wanting a departure from the “norm” look no further. This cigar is great because it stands out on it’s own. We can’t wait to see what’s next from Pichardo and Crowned Heads.
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