Medulla by Asylum 13

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The Breakdown
Honduran Corojo
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5x50)
Price (USD)

The blend of this cigar had us perplexed initially, touting all Honduran tobacco. In our heads we were thinking there is no way this cigar will be dynamic enough to truly be palate pleasing.. Well like many times before, we were wrong. There were very few flaws in terms of construction, however some burn issues were experienced in one of the samples smoked. The other sample smoked flawlessly. The flavor of this cigar we see as something some will intensely appreciate and may cause confusion in others. If you have a propensity for tangy, bitter, and smooth, than this cigar is right up your ally. If these characteristics are not preference, you may be a little turned off. Either way, for $7.00 a stick, we think this is a must try for anyone looking to explore and if you love it, certainly one to stuff in your humidor for continual rotation.



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Asylum 13

Every great cigar begins at the seed. The Eiroa family’s seeds have been harvesting and extending their roots for over 100 years and 3 generations within the cigar industry. The only way to maintain the consistency this family is known for, is to keep it in the family.

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