Liga Privada 10-year Anniversario By Drew Estate

Is this the Eli Manning to Peyton Manning?

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The Breakdown
Connecticut Criollo
Mexican San Andres
Nicarauguan & honduran
Vitola (Size)
Toro (6x52)
Price (USD)

To celebrate 10 years of what could be one of the most popular lines in the industry (Liga Privada) Drew Estate commemorates the decade with the NEW Liga Privada 10-year Anniversario. Of course there is an inherent expectation of filling the older brother’s shoes, so is that the case with the #10 or is this another Eli & Peyton scenario? There is no doubt that this cigar is constructed with the time and attention it deserves. The cigars themselves were rolled and produced beautifully, which we expected. Coupled with that, on both samples smoked was a very consistent burn and an effortlessly suitable draw to match. Where we wanted this highly exclusive cigar to shine the most was in the flavor, however we were quite simply left with a few sets of undeniable blue balls. The cigar really never took off, just sitting on the launch pad, engines on, waiting for take off. The flavors just seemed to be muted and restricted, leaving a lot more to be desired. Coming in at an expected line price of $18.00 it’s hard to say it's really worth it in overall value. Like most new models of anything, bugs need to be fixed, adjustments made, and hopefully the next iteration and continual crop growth, and perhaps a bit more age will give us what we were yearning for in this cigar.



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