La Vencedora by Villiger Cigars

It takes a Villiger to make a great cigar.

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Churchill (7 x 50)
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A true donger, this is the very first Villiger cigar we have featured on the podcast, let alone reviewed. The La Vencedora appears to be a cigar that is highly regarded by some, and dismissed by others, and we were curious where on the spectrum it would fall for us.

We both agreed that this cigar, despite its size, is very well constructed minus a few minor flaws on each. Where the disparities came in was on the burn. One sample smoked exceptionally well and was everything you want from a burn, and the other tossing up a plethora of challenges, making consistency an impossibility. What we absolutely both agreed on is this cigar was very one dimensional, but in that single dimension, you get an absolutely balanced, marvelous, and prodigious flavor. I am not sure if subtle changes and surprises throughout would have appropriate now that we have smoked what was presented. It is quite possible the only churchill that we have tested, that we didn’t get bored of as we approached the final 3rd.

Coming in at $10.00 per stick we think the price is right on the money. This is a cigar that can be enjoyed by all, but for those who enjoy a cigar fairly infrequently, we would suggest trying a smaller vitola first.



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Villiger Cigars was established in 1888 by Jean Villiger in the small town of Pfeffikon, Switzerland, where Villiger remains headquartered to this day. The company manufactures and sells more than 1.5 billion cigars annually, world-wide. Today, under the leadership of Heinrich Villiger, the company prides itself in its commitment to quality in all their products made in many countries around the globe.

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