La Historia By E.P. Carrillo

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The Breakdown
Mexican San Andrés
Ecuadorian Sumatran
Dominican, Nicaraguan
Vitola (Size)
Box-pressed Robusto
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As a tribute to E.P Carrillo’s family, there is no doubt the meaning of this cigar shines though in every aspect of the smoking experience. Two years in the making, the La Historia finally entered the market in the Fall of 2014, where it stamped its mark in the industry and in the cigar history books. This cigar exceeds the standard for production excellence both in terms of construction and burn. Out of all of the La Historia cigars the collective Hot Ticket gang has consumed, there always seems to be a few truths..The cigar always burns with amazing consistency  and the draw is always near perfect. The flavors extracted from this cigar are pronounced and pleasant, often colliding sweet and tangy which offers up a delightful savoriness. The only thing about this cigar that we find strange is how similar it is to a traditional Cuban in terms of slowly and gradually ratcheting up the flavors, as opposed to being pronounced out of the gate. This certainly isn’t a bad characteristic, just one of which we aren't accustomed too. E.P. would tell you this cigar retails for $9.75, but the reality is you can get these cigar is low as $5.00 a piece online, all the way upwards of $12.00 if you are shopping in a big city B&M. Either way, this is a cigar you must get your hands on. You won't be disappointed.



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