La Coalición by Crowned Heads & Drew Estate

A true Collaboration, the likes we have never seen before.

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The Breakdown
Connecticut broadleaf
Dominican & Nicaraguan
Vitola (Size)
Siglo (6 x 52)
Price (USD)

Perhaps the most anticipated cigar release of the year so far, the La Coalición is the collective brain child of Jon Huber of Crowned Heads and Willy Herrera of Drew Estate. Unlike a lot of proclaimed “collaborations” in the industry, there is an authenticity to that title in this case as both gentleman really worked hard to come up with something that they could put their mark on and release confidently to the public. 

For once the picture does this cigar justice and in that you can visibly see how amazing the tobacco is. Weirdly enough on one sample smoked the broadleaf wrapper is a lot lighter than we have been accustomed too. It has an almost red hue that is typically indicative of a Colorado. Either way, like your pud on a lonely night, it’s fun to just touch and rub. The only issue which was caught towards the end of one sample and was a little patch work done on a noticeable wrapper tear. We aren’t overly critical as it almost never compromises the burn, but for the price, you expect near perfection. 

This cigar smoked like a wet dream! I assumed given the vitola that this cigar would have a few trouble spots but I am happy to report it had an insanely even burn coupled with a draw that was so easy and filling that it could have easily subbed in as dinner for the night. 

We are suckers for Connecticut broadleaf so this cigar was right up our alley to begin with. The flavors were all there but a bit more subtle than expected. You can certainly extract the richness of the wrapper, but wasn’t totally in love with how everything married together. It was like it had the individual talent of Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson, but couldn’t figure out how to play well as a team. Don’t hear what we are not saying though. This was an enjoyable cigar all things considered. 

Coming in at a price of 13.50 it’s at the higher end of the industry average but that was to be expected given the names attached to this cigar. All in all this is one you want to get your hands on, especially if you are partial to Connecticut Broadleaf like we are.



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