JFR Lunatic Torch by Aganorsa leaf

How crazy is this cigar?

Cory Allen
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The Breakdown
Vitola (Size)
Toro extra (6 1/2 x 52)
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The Torch is really just a 2020 rebrand reality from the original release. A slight re-brand and boom. Right back on the market 4 years later. So the question is, did the re-brand work? 

Construction - This cigar was very nicely produced. It’s medium/dark brown in color and very smooth to the touch and oily to boot. The shaggy foot is a nice athletic touch, although from a potential damage perspective, I could leave it. I usually hate a double band but I like the art work on these so ill let it slide.

Burn - The cold draw was a bit tight but loosened up quickly after lighting. You win this one, Aganorsa. This cigar produced an abundant amount of smoke and minus one outage in the final 3rd, this burnt great and showed off a nice consistency. 

Flavor - Usually I despise the flavor that comes from a shaggy foot due to the lack of the wrapper component but the binder and filler were very balanced on their own and pretty enjoyable. There is a good amount of pepper that sits on the tongue as everything else ramps up. An in your face cocoa surprise really turns the cigar on its head in the first 3rd making the cigar bold and rich in flavor. A few short puffs later and an herbal flavor pops in to say hello. At this point the cigar is all over the place, but I almost shamefully like it. In complete opposition, the 2nd third is very woody and earthy, boasting much more natural tones. I loved the drastic changes it proposed! In the final 3rd the cigar smooths out significantly and becomes creamy and sweet, reintroducing the cocoa flavors I got accustomed to in the 1st third and finishes just the same. What a way to boomerang it all back. 

Highly recommended.


$10.00 is the price of admission which I will come out and say is certainly worth it. It’s a good cigar with a lot of complexity and full pronounced flavors. I also think this vitola is ideal, and would be surprised if the 70 ring gauge offering was half as good as this one. If you like a good Nicaraguan puro, then I would suggest getting your hands on the crazy bastard.
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Aganorsa Leaf

More than 20 years and countless awards later, Aganorsa Leaf is renowned throughout the world for its signature flavor that possesses all the great attributes of Nicaraguan terroir along with classic Cuban aroma and flavor.

Cory Allen
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