JFR Lunatic Maduro by Casa Fernandez

Just for retailers or Just fucking ridiculous (not in a bad way)?

Cory Allen
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The Breakdown
Mexican San Andres
Vitola (Size)
Short Titan (4.25 x 60)
Price (USD)

JFR meaning “Just for retail”, I got a pretty good deal on this cigar from an online entity, and I just couldn’t pass it up. Made mostly in obnoxiously large vitolas, this cigar should be hanging out the corner of a Mafioso’s mouth while he feeds chicken parm to his escort for the night. 

Despite the size, its very well constructed. It’s very firm to the touch and glistens with oil. One of the inherent challenges with oversized cigars is burn consistency, however this one bucked the trend, burning even, staying lit, and imparting a desired draw. 

At this point I’m 0-2 and thinking this cigar would be somewhat subpar in all areas, however I wasn't wrong in terms of flavor. The cigar just has too much cake and not enough icing. It’s dull and obtuse with very few dazzling spots to reflect on. There is some subtle nuttiness that is marginally redeeming but outside of that it's hard to identify anything that makes this smoke meaningful.    

Coming in at $6.40 a piece, you no doubt get a lot of product for the price, but not a lot of enjoyment in terms of flavors. This cigar seems appropriate for the weekend golfer who is more interested in concentrating on his horrific short game rather than the pleasures of the cigar.



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Cory Allen
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