Jeffery & Chris (Owners of Amendola Cigars) Interview!

One of the HOTTEST up and coming brands on the market!

The Hot Ticket
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We welcome to the show for the first time, Jeffery Amendola & Chris Monaco, Owners of Amendola Cigars. We talk about how it all got started, how they weathered the FDA scare and the COVID-19 pandemic and their big plans for the future. All on this week's episode of "The Hot Ticket"


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Amendola Cigars

Amendola family Cigar Co. is a first generation, family owned, premium cigar brand owned and operated by Jeffrey Amendola and Christopher Monaco. Founded in 2017 by Jeffrey Amendola, the purpose of the company was to expand its reach across the United States and Into an International market. In 2020 Amendola Family Cigar Co. has done just that.

The Hot Ticket
A raunchy comedy cigar podcast about two brothers on a quest to find the best cigars around the world.