Jacobs Ladder Brimstone by Southern Draw

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Cory Allen
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The Breakdown
Pennsylvania broadleaf
Pennsylvania broadleaf
Nicaraguan & Dominican
Vitola (Size)
Perfecto (6 x 56)
Price (USD)

Southern draw released the limited production Brimstone in July of 2019 and one would assume it would be an extension of the original Jacobs Ladder, just in a special vitola, however the blend is actually slightly different. The original boasted double ligero tobacco, but  in this release we don’t get double the fun, we get triple. That’s right! Triple ligero from the Dominican and Nicaragua. I had only smoked the original once before giving this Brimstone a go, so let's see how performed. 

Construction - For starters, this cigar is extremely dark in color and has a very rich aesthetic. It is simply a meaty beast by all appearances. Really my only gripe is that it seemed to be sloppily produced. The cap structure is messy as well as the tobacco wrapped around the closed foot. It seemed to be very rushed, with little care to be given to the production quality, and keep in mind that this cigar isn't inexpensive. It comes at a premium, so the expectation should be high quality. 

Burn - This cigar burned great and had a superb draw to match. In a perfecto, especially one this size, that isnt always the case. It isn’t uncommon to get large runs and tight draws, so I was delighted to have experienced relatively no issues. The only blunder (if you want to call it that) was one pit towards the end that caused a simple re-light. 

Flavor - The flavor is as meaty as the appearance. It’s full flavored right out of the gate and rushes at you like a Thoroughbred at the start of a race. It’s wonderfully earthy and woody on the retrohale. It's balanced out by a nice dark, but subtle sweetness that really completes what I would consider a very appetizing flavor profile. The cigar isn’t very dynamic beyond that, and the flavor you get up front is really what takes you to the finish line. In this case, I think that is a good thing. When you have something good, why hope for change? It’s bold, it’s balanced, and it’s obnoxiously delicious.

Highly recommended.


You will pay north of an Alexander Hamilton which I would have to say is pretty darn worth it in this case. This isn't a cigar I would pass out to a novice smoker as I think it may be a bit piquant, but I really think a habitual cigar smoker would enjoy the experience of this cigar.

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