Hoyo La Amistad Silver by A.J. Fernandez

It's all about the friendship. We'll I'm about to get real friendly on this cigar.

Chris Allen
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The Breakdown
Ecuadorian Habano
Nicaraguan Habano
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 50)
Price (USD)

A.J. and Hoyo came out with something called a Hoyo La Amistad Silver? And it’s the successor to a gold one? And it came out 2 years ago?! Shit… I gotta keep up. The thing is sometimes cigar brands you aren’t paying very close attention to slip under your cigar-detecting radar. There are so many cigars that come out every year, so many new brands popping up, and so many I have on the docket that there’s a lot of noise. Forgive me Hoyo AJ fans, I know I promised you this review and it quickly morphed into defending myself! 


For a cigar that means “friendship”, it better be, because me and this cigar are about to get REAL friendly. It’s a nice chocolate wrapper that is a little bit darker than what we would imagine for an Ecuadorian Habano. That said, it was a pretty firm cigar with a nice satin-finish and lighter colored veins running through the wrapper. Very great construction overall!


To be real, it was a pretty damn good burn as well with a nice even and consistent burn all the way through my slow savoring hour and a half. It has a nice thick ash from this well-packed cigar with quite an easy draw. It only takes about 2-3 puffs to get a huge mouth full of flavor; which we will get into shortly. All-in-all never had any issues with burn and my hat goes off to the chef.


You know what? This was an interesting one, because when I started smoking it I got more traditional flavor notes of tangy, woody, and pepper up-front, but there was something else lingering about in the smoke and tobacco as well. I had a hard time describing it — and I found some similar review notes (after the fact) about it from other reviewers — but it had a mustiness or muskiness about it. Some folks didn’t really like that as a “flavor” I found, but weirdly enough I did. It wasn’t overbearing or anything and kinda took the back row in the choir of flavors but it definitely had an impact in the performance making it stand out just that little more in the noise of the cigar world for me. Honestly, a bit happy to be be surprised with it! Great job!

Highly recommended.


I got to say, for a $7ish, collaboration cigar (which I often find not as endearing for me) I was pleasantly surprised by the uniqueness of this blend and it makes me think I need to pay for closely to this type of collab again in the future.
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A.J. Fernandez

Cigar band from a Man O' War Ruination, manufactured in Nicaragua by A.J. Fernandez Cigars.

Tabacalera Fernandez, best known to the English-speaking world as A.J. Fernandez Cigars, is a maker of cigars primarily grown and produced in Nicaragua and sold worldwide. The company is run by Abdel J. Fernandez, a third generation cigarmaker, and is a prominent manufacturer of cigars sold under a variety of labels, including "Man O'War," "Diesel," and "San Lotano"

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