Hot Cake by HVC

Not just Chris' nickname in high school.

The Hot Ticket
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The Breakdown
Mexican San Andrés
Vitola (Size)
Laguito #4 (4.5 x 52)
Price (USD)

They may not be able to make a claim to “over a Billion sold” but HVC appropriately names it’s newest Cigar “Hot Cake” well because we think they believe these are going to sell like hot cakes. It technically shares a name with it’s older sibling “Pan Caliente” which is Spanish for Hot Cake but the most obvious difference is the blend. Let’s see how this one stacks up.

Construction - overall both samples appeared to be well produced. One boasted a typical Mexican San Andres, which was a dark rich brown, while the other maybe suffered from vitiligo. I'll be honest though, the defined marbling was something we weren’t expecting and was actually pretty neat looking. One sample did feel very firm and dense at the head of the cigar, likely being indicative of over bunching. 

Burn - As suspected the cigar that felt very dense at the head had major tight draw issues. Multiple methods were used to try and loosen it up, but to no avail. It really put a damper in the overall experience. While one was subpar, the other smoked beautifully which provided a little bit of redemption. They can’t all be perfect right?

Flavor - Does it taste like a hot cake? Sure doesn’t but did we really want it too? Maybe a little… What we loved about this cigar was the use of the Mexican San Andres wrapper. It’s very rare that Aganorsa isn’t blending a Nicaraguan puro, so it was wonderful to see such a strong contrasting wrapper type on this cigar. We LOVED the earthy savoriness from the MSA wrapper. It really set a good tone out of the gate, and left us bobbing our heads in acceptance. The MSA savoriness balances well with more subdued Nicaraguan fillers, which is a combination we can get used too . At the 50% mark the cigar keeps the same balance of flavors but it tames out quite a bit. wait where did the flavor go?? It almost becomes void of anything meaningful, only presenting quick flashes of any richness or savoriness.. In the final third of the cigar we were left to wonder, did all of our senses turn off or did the cigar just become unmistakably numb? Right at the end a smooth business comes in to say a quick hello and an even quicker goodbye, and certainly a little too late to create any late game excitement. No rally cry for this one. 

Decent smoke to try.


$8.00 is the price point for this highly anticipated release, which is what we would consider below average for the boutique class. Was it worth it though? One experience would be a definitive yes, however the other fell short of expectation. Overall, we say this is a decent smoke to try, and we feel this one is worthy of a redemption effort. There is something really special here, it just wasn’t achieved in our first rodeo.

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