Havana Q From J.C. Newman Debuts This Month

Experience the taste of Cuba with Havana Q from J.C. Newman Cigar Company.

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Did you ever wonder what makes Cuban tobacco so rich and flavorful? Is it the tropical climate? Maybe it’s the volcanic soil? Or is it because of the natural nutrients washed down from nearby mountains over the centuries that has made the soil so especially fertile? Whatever the reason, you can now experience the taste of Cuba with Havana Q from J.C. Newman Cigar Company.

The new cigar Havana Q is a cousin of the J.C. Newman value cigar, Quorum, the number 1 selling bundle cigar out of Nicaragua. These are another value brand cigar, but with important differences. Havana Q comes in a variety of larger ring-gauges, to cater to the modern cigar smoker's contemporary preferences. Havana Q is also offered in a vacuum-sealed humi-bag, making it ideal to store in a variety of brick and mortar locations, offering flexibility to even the smallest of smoke shops.

Handmade at the J.C. Newman PESNA factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, Havana Q is rolled with genuine Havana-seed wrapper grown by the Oliva family on the aluvial plains at the foot of the Cotuguay Mountains in the renowned Guayas tobacco-growing region of Ecuador. The special soil and climate there are comparable to the famed Vinales Valley in the Pinar del Rio province in Cuba.

"We wanted to bring the essence of Cuba to consumers without breaking the bank," said Drew Newman. "With larger sizes and convenient humi-bag packaging, all varieties of smokers will find something they like in Havana Q."

Havan Q comes in sizes:
6"x 60 - Double Grande
5" x 56 - Double Robusto
6" x 54 - Double Toro
7" x 52 - Double Churchill

Havana Q is sold as individual cigars, as well as a convenient, resealable Humidor bag of 20.

Havana Q will ship from El Reloj, the J.C. Newman Cigar Company factory in Tampa, FL this month, and should arrive on select retailer shelves this month.


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