Habano Chaveta by La Galera

This La Galera got us La gobble gobblin.

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The Breakdown
Ecuadorian Habano
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 50)
Price (USD)

A brainchild of José “Jochy” Blanco, the La Galera brand was conceived back in 2015 and initially offering up 2 blends, both sharing a dominican binder and filler combination but utilizing different wrapper types. One boasts an Ecuadorian Connecticut and the other an Ecuadorian habano. We chose to break down the latter.

It’s clear that a lot of pride was pumped into this cigar. The artistic band coupled with a glistening gold sub band at the foot, really set off that wonderful rich Habano wrapper. Both samples were superbly constructed which we anticipate from a brand that is so closely connected to Blanco. 

Along with a great construction typically comes a great burn and in this case both samples lived up to that connection. One had a non aggravating tight draw and that being the only issue, we are really just being nit picky at that point. 

Where this cigar lost us was in the flavor. A huge pepper rush up front is nothing we haven’t experienced but what we do expect is for reassured balance to step in and I am not sure we really ever got that. A salty bitterness showed its face on one and a mediocre bright sweetness which would have been more desirable ongoing on the other, of course overwhelmed still by spice. It's clear this cigar was all over the place, never really offering up a flattering profile but did offering some good individual flavors. As we headed towards the end we both agreed this cigar gets rather bland and decrescendos until there is nothing left to smoke.



A good take away however, is the price. It's really hard to beat $6.20 no matter what you get in the premium cigar category. It certainly helps soften the experience overall, we just wish we could have given this one high praise in each category.
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La Galera

Through hard work and determination, Jose Blanco has grown and processed tobacco to perfection throughout his tenure as a manufacturer and grower for the last few decades, and his factory Tabacalera Palma has been the home for outstanding cigars that have gained the love and appreciation of smokers all over the world.

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