Guardian of the Farm Night Watch by Aganorsa

Call off the dogs! We found a GREAT one.

Cory Allen
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Orpheus (6 x 44)
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Wouldn’t you know it? Another Nicaraguan puro from Aganorsa. I say it and it sounds bad, but it really isn’t. We all expect it and we all admire it. The night watch comes to us as an extension of the original Warped/Aganorsa “Guardian of the Farm”. This time it is as a maduro creating parallels to the night aspect. “To make a second blend for Guardian of the Farm and our loyal dogs is a blessing,” said Fernández Pujals, in a press release. “Every dog, whether it is one of ours or your own, is commemorated with this cigar.” I have said it before. I am a sucker for canine inspired cigars, so this one went right to the top of my list. 

Construction - This cigar was nice and dense despite the thin vitola, which creates a feel that really gets you excited to try the cigar itself. It is just made to perfection in all regards, which seems to be a rarity these days. Something even more appealing for me was the discoloration at the foot of the wrapper, which was about 10 shades darker then the head, which almost gave it a charred color, without the harshness of charring once smoked. How could I forget the bands? Contrasting completely from its older brother, this cigar boasts bright red colors, creating a known yet distinctive look. Top notch all the way around. 

Burn - This cigar had a noticeably stupendous draw which you would hope for on such a ring gauge but oftentimes don’t receive. The only issues I had were a few abrupt outages which I typically always anticipate with this ring gauge, but like most, nothing done to inhibit the flavors of the cigar in the least. 

Flavor - Speaking of Flavor. WOW. There is a nice creamy bitterness out of the gates balanced by a pepper rush coming off the closed foot. The consistency is pleasant and satisfying. Once I paid close attention to the aromas, It’s like the perfume counter clerk at the mall spritzed Dolce Gabbana in the air as I was passing by. I say this in the most endearing way possible.  This ain't your grandma's church perfume, this is a fragrance that you want as much in taste as you do in smell. The balance in flavor is pretty long lasting in this cigar making is fairly one dimensional, but who cares when you get something so special all the way through. The appeal in this cigar is that they created something so great without providing too many change ups. Sometimes consistency is just what is needed. 

Highly recommended.


For the size this cigar isn't cheap. It also isn't expensive, coming right at a reasonable price for such a vitola. $10.00 is the average price paid which I think is on the mark for this cigar. It is one that gives you great balance but doesn’t cause you to ponder too much. It’s there for pure enjoyment and should be consumed as such.
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