Grande Bold Sumatra by Micallef Cigars

The big. The bold. The amazing Sumatran.

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Nicaragua & Dominican
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 X 54)
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Who is Micallef and who the hell smokes Sumatran cigars? The Grande Bold Sumatra along with the rest of the Grande Bold line hit the market in the last half of 2018 and the momentum hasn’t slowed down since. This cigar is wonderfully crafted which directly translated to a remarkable burn for both samples smoked. It’s worth mentioning that the draw on this cigar rivaled some of the best we have ever had as well. The flavor of this cigar is astounding and sophisticated and all in the most humble way possible. Sweet, tangy, and overall savory, nothing about it was very challenging, which made for a wonderfully mindless and enjoyable smoking experience. It was nice to smoke a cigar that we could just put to our lips, kick back, and enjoy without perplexity. Coming in at a retail price of $7.50 we agree that it’s hard to find many better deals on the market. This cigar is literally for everyone! The aficionado will appreciate the nuanced flavors, and a novice will welcome it’s brilliant subtleness.



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