Futuro Selección 109 by Warped

Is this cigar ahead of it's time?

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A collaboration between Max Fernández of Casa Fernandez & Warped Owner Kyle Gellis, both were responsible for the blend, however individually they were responsible for creating their own personal vitolas. For this review we chose the Fernández creation, the Futuro Selección 109, which is a meat packed Toro 6 x 52.

It’s worth mentioning that both reviewed cigars were shocking in the fact that they had about the most perfect cap set ever seen on a cigar, and for the wrapper type were so enriched with oil, they looked like the lane of a freshly buffered bowling alley. 

The disparity in both cigars reviewed began with the burn. While one burned exceptionally well giving no resistance to the experience, it’s wonky mentally handicapped twin didn’t shine so bright. A tight draw, running, pitting, the second sampled smoked was just a disaster,  to the point that the cigar wasn't worthy of a finish. This one had to be put down like a rabid raccoon. 

Just like the burn, flavor was polarizing as well, which is a pretty common outcome when there is that much trouble. When smoking as intended this Nicaraguan puro gives you a sought after mild spicy palate tickler, balanced out by a combination of bitter and sweetness that continue to jockey for first position throughout the entirety of the cigar. When it’s not smoking as intended? It’s like smoking decaying leaves through a wet pool noodle on a hot day. We anticipate this will be one we come back to do a redemption review. 

$9.50 is about the price you will pay for this cigar and we do agree if it’s smoking like a champ, it’s well worth the price.  We don’t really recommend this cigar for the novice smoker. The flavors may be a bit challenging to really appreciate, otherwise despite the issues on one sample, this cigar should be on the list to try of every Nicaraguan puro fan. 



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