Fratello Cigars Announces “Imperfect Pairings”

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Omar de Frias has announced the launch of a new YouTube Channel, Imperfect Pairings.  “I have been working on this concept for years.  I have been looking to pair my cigars with uncommon food or drinks such as oysters, tomato sauce, kombucha and tea amongst other things.  Our viewers will have incredible content and learn what to pair or not pair with our cigars.” Said de Frias.  

Imperfect pairings will be an entertaining show featuring short pairing videos from Omar’s travel worldwide.  The show will air every Thursday.  

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Conceptualized 20 years ago when Don Rafael, manager of the small store next to my home, brought me to watch a torcedor (cigar roller) perform his art. The torcedor finished the cigar, handed it to me and said "Kid, welcome to the true gentleman's club"...

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