Four Kicks Mule Kick Limited Edition 2020 by Crowned Heads

The 2020 is here! Rejoice!

Cory Allen
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The Breakdown
Vitola (Size)
Robusto extra (5 7/8 x 52)
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This is the first time in it’s existence that the Mule Kick becomes a Nicaraguan Puro, utilizing a wrapper from the Jalapa region of Nicaragua. Crowned Heads brought some heat with the previous 17,18, and 19 year versions, so let’s see how well the 2020 stacks up. 

This cigar boasted near  flawless construction. It was incredibly smooth with a nice faint gloss on the wrapper. Seriously! The cap placement got me way too excited. It just proves that time and attention was given to this cigar when being produced. It’s like that saying: “You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes”. The small details can show you a lot. 

The burn on this cigar was sufficient, but in no part was it overwhelmingly good. I had a noticeable tight draw throughout most of the cigar that wouldn’t loosen up with any creative effort. The smoke output, however, was surprisingly up to snuff given the draw, so that was a positive I could reflect on. 

The cigar starts off punchy with slight spice but it's also admirably smooth. There is a faint but noticeable creaminess that carries the rest of the flavors on its back in the first 3rd. This cigar is actually strikingly similar to the 2019 MK in the first 3rd, despite the wrapper difference. The pepper completely drops off the radar as you head into the middle meat of the cigar. The flavors become distinctly bright and tangy. The last leg begins to tame just a bit but keeps it’s bright and tangy identity for the most part. The only disappointment for me was it did finish a bit harshly, but since 90% of the cigar was silky smooth and full of flavor, I'll let it slide. I will say retrohaling this cigar early and often is really where it is at! The great combination of flavors really come to life. 

Highly recommended.


$11.25 is the price of admission, which is right in line with previous years. Is it fair to stack the 2020 up against predecessors? Maybe not, but I am going to anyway. I really enjoyed this cigar! Did I enjoy it more than the Sumatran wrapped 2019? No, but it was really close. Did I enjoy it more than the Habano wrapped 2018? NOT A CHANCE. The 2018 is in my Mount Rushmore for Christ sake. Is it still a really good cigar? YES. What I am trying to articulate is you have an amazing line up of limited edition cigars you can’t go wrong with, and the 2020 Four Kicks “Mule Kick” has its place up on the mantle right with the rest of them.
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