Four Kicks Mule Kick '19 by Crowned Heads

Maybe the only time we would actually want to be kicked by a Mule.

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The Breakdown
Ecuadorian Sumatran
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 7/8 x 52)
Price (USD)

Sharing a binder and filler combination from previous years, the 2019 Mule Kick has changed only in it’s wrapper type being a Ecuadorian Sumatra varietal. 2019 seemed to be a great year for Sumatran tobacco both in its quality and utilization. It was fitting  that this cigar shared that space with many others. 

Construction - It’s expected that being a limited release that this would be made with a high standard of quality in mind. Of course that being paralleled with the fact it's also produced at the E.P. Carillo (La Alianza S.A.) factory. Both samples were marbled in coloring showing a nice Giraffe skin pattern of light and dark brown tones. Each cigar was firm to the touch, but not exceedingly dense. Overall the build on these is top notch. 

Burn - The burn on both was also remarkably sensational. The draw was nice and airy as we had anticipated given the lack of density and both produce adequate smoke production. What is to note is the consistency. Tethering the line of a Toro Vitola (you could argue it is), this cigar is lengthy and girthy, however not one time did either cigar run, pit, or give us any surprising challenges. They were given their marching orders and they just fell in line! 

Flavor - Now the fun part! Although this Edition shares the innards of the previous releases, it is so dynamically different from its predecessors. This smoke is contrasting in a good way, showing off a combination of tangy, creamy & nutty that will tickle your tongue like a childhood babysitter that is willing to bring you into adulthood. This flavor combination is long lasting, so don’t expect or anticipate many change ups as you walk this one to the finish line. Just know that what you will get is sensible, satisfying, and very refreshing.

Highly recommended.


2019 was a big year for Crowned heads, with notable releases like the “La Coalicion”, LC2019, and the new community value favorite “Juarez”. Because of these hyped fan favorites, we feel the 2019 Mule Kick was a bit overshadowed, and it shouldn’t be. We would argue that this cigar was not only one of the best released by Crowned Heads in 2019, but we would also put it up there as one of the TOP releases of 2019, period. 

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